This project is no longer maintained. Feel free to browse the website and contact us if you think you can find a use for it. However, you will not be able to log in and test it at this moment.

Running a business with mobile workforce?
Mandrago will help you keep track and control.

About Mandrago

Mandrago is a ready to use, cloud based solution for your business with mobile employees. Instead of just tracking the vehicles, stay connected to your field agents (over their mobile phones, and through the Mandrago web control center) and guide the workflow.

Mobile workforce

Courier service, mobile repairmen, truck fleets, pizza delivery, marketing field agents, taxi service... Your workforce is now connected.

Tracks and history

Know where your agents are,
what’s pending, and what’s done.

Tasks and targets

Issue tasks containing target locations and time markers. Agents can also bid for tasks (who is able to reach it faster, for example).

Centralized control

Everything is reachable through Mandrago Web Control Center. Agents, newsfeed, messages, logs, tasks... All in one place.

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Plain simple

Just install Mandrago application on agents’ mobile phones. You don’t even have to create separate accounts for agents.

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Free and scalable

Create your account and use it completely FREE for up to five agents. Scale as your business grows, pay just as much as you use it.

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Getting Started

  • 1 Log in or create account It's free

    As soon as you create an account, you get three agents ready to go. You can always add more agents.

  • 2 Install mobile application

    Download Mandrago Mobile application from Google Play and install it on agents' Android mobile phones.

  • 3 Connect

    Copy agent keys from the web control center into the mobile application to assign mobile phones to agents.

  • 4 Stay connected

    Stay connected to your mobile workforce. Issue tasks and follow their execution. Dispatch. Coordinate. Watch how Mandrago works for your business.

Contact us...

Contact Mandrago

Feel free to email us with any comment, or just to see how Mandrago can work for your business.


Get Mandrago Customized

Remember that Mandrago is under constant development. Please write us with your requests and questions. We'll be glad to implement the features you need, and you will also benefit from other users' requests. See you soon!